• Lee always is conscious of any prior or new injuries and pains we all carry and ensures that he works around them and enables a quick recovery.
    He has trained me so that I no longer need further invasive surgery to correct a shoulder injury and i can still lift more than ever with no pain.

  • Lee is a fantastic personal trainer and a lovely bloke. I’ve been with Lee for nearly a year and I’ve lost 3.5 stones,have gained some inner strength and self confidence and have never been fitter. He adapts the training to get the best out of you at each session whether as me a depressed or fully healthy. You will never have trained as hard but it's within a fun environment that he creates. He provides you with guidance on health and nutrition to help you on your journey whilst giving you the space to decide for yourself. He has a wise old head on young shoulder. He'is a good listener and offers good counsel. He is always there for you and aims to help you get the most out of yourself.

  • Lee makes sure to find out what is stopping an individual achieving their goals wether physical or mental and trains you to do the best you possibly can. I would never have believed it possible to lose my excess weight so easily and feel better than I have in 20+ years.

  • Lee's energy seems limitless, as does his desire for you to get the results you set out to. The complete package from trainer, to motivator, to dietation, with the right mixture of toughness and arm round your shoulder, to get you where you want to be. Top trainer and a top bloke.

  • Lee is exceptional in every aspect of training and fits every workout to your need physically and mentally. His knowledge on any type of training means he is equipped to cater to your particular goal. He has been a tremendous help to me and supported me through ever training session, pushing me to my absolute limit and he never doubts you can achieve what you set out to do. He has so much passion for the work he does and it shows

  • If you are serious about weight loss and health improvements then Lee will put the time, effort and support into helping you to make it happen. Honestly cannot thank him enough for everything his is doing to help me. iv currently lost 54 pounds with his support and its still dropping! Thank you so much lee you've changed my life.

  • Lee has made an enormous difference to my training, and weight loss. He works hard and he cares about what he does, he is a genuinely nice fella, you just can't fake that. Our sessions vary from week to week, but it's always targeted and its never boring, and I am seeing results. Lee understands weight loss on a very personal level, and I think that he bring something a bit extra to his PT because of that. It's hard to exceed people's expectations, but that's exactly what he has done. Lee, you are a superstar, I totally couldn't have come this far without you, long may it continue. My review is a bit over the top, so I have to add that Lee laughs a lot, which is very irritating when you are about to vomit because your workout is too hard, so he's not perfect.

  • I've been working with lee for about four months, and I've never felt better. Being given the tools and information to be self-motivated is exactly what I needed to start making changes in my life. my weight has dropped by 3 stone and I feel so happy. This guy blows my mind.

  • This guy is a true inspiration and a great personal trainer. Lee knows what it takes to be the better version of yourself and his enthusiasm and knowledge really helps you become better version of yourself.